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The Newfoundland and Labrador Falconers Association (NLFA) was founded in 2010 by a small forward thinking group of friendly individuals dedicated to promoting the sport of falconry and supporting the conservation of raptors within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. 


Presently Newfoundland and Labrador is lagging behind many other provinces when it comes to policy and legislation governing falconry - that is the use of trained, free flying birds of prey in the hunting of naturally occurring small game.


Recognizing a need for clear policy and legislation for the betterment of this ancient sport, the NLFA began lobbying government to bring about positive change so that Newfoundlanders and Labradorians can partake in falconry in a safe manner to ensure the continuation of the high standards and ethics involved with this sport. 


The NLFA is a strong proponent of responsible and conservative utilization of raptors and aims to advise government in the management of raptors, especially to those species having recreational value to falconers. 


Purpose and Mission Statement of the NLFA


Encourage and promote the wise conservation of raptors and their environment;

Provide communication between falconers, aspiring falconers, and interested persons and groups;

Ensure that those participating in falconry conduct themselves legally and in accordance with the traditionally high ethical standards of the art;

Extend to the NL Department of Wildlife assistance and recommendations for effective establishment of programs affecting raptors and falconry in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador;

Provide representation for provincial falconers and members to intraprovincial, national, and international falconry and raptor conservation concerns;

...Our purpose is to guide, inform, help and nurture the future generations; and to protect, preserve and advance the sport of falconry in Newfoundland and Labrador.





For newcomers serious about the sport, the NLFA offers much in the way of assistance to the education, skills, and equipment  needed, and through our association sponsored activities, an opportunity to meet and mingle with other falconers. Our becoming a falconer section will give you an idea of what is involved in pursuing your interest in falconry in Newfoundland and Labrador. So, if you do not know an Eyass from an Eyrie please read on, or alternatively have a look at our terminology page.


The NLFA is governed by a Board of Directors and Officers elected from amoung regular membership. The Board of Directors consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and a number of Directors.


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So... What is Falconry?

Essentially, falconry is a rather unique form of interacting with raptors. It is an ancient partnership estimated to be some 4000 years old. Hunting is the natural method of obtaining food for all raptors. A falconer develops a rapport with the raptor such that this drama unfolds with the falconer acting as an observer. Hunting with the aide of a raptor then required a falconer to train the raptor such that it can be used to secure game animals for the falconer (ie setting up flushes, "making in", "trading off", etc).

Today, the basic principles have changed little and falconry still provides an unparalleled opportunity to experience the natural world. In addition it has become a powerful tool for the global conservation of raptors. 


Is it for Me?

A raptor takes a lot of looking after and can potentially be an expensive undertaking, both in time and financially! It is not like that Enfield 30-06 that can be put away after the Big Game season. Additionally, vacations might have to be a thing of the past as a raptor cannot be looked after by someone inexperienced. Falconry involves a lot of time and effort on the behalf of the falconer! Activities like training gun dogs, hang gliding, hockey, down hill skiing, etc require a lot of time and devotion, but few activities that one can pursue require more than falconry.

One should not consider this sport if one wants to:

Harvest more game (falconry is one of the most inefficient methods of hunting

Attract attention to one's self by pursuing a "cool" and unusual sport (falconry is best done in private isolation)

Want to do a bit of falconry and fit it into my already busy schedule (this is a recipe for failure)

Want a raptor as a pet (raptors do not make good pets and are not social animals)

Develop more patience and commitment (these already need to be in virtual limitless supply)


Why Does One Become a Falconer?

There are many good reasons for one to immerse themselves in this age old sport. We believe that JT, founder of Falconry Alliance sums the essence of falconry up nicely

"[Falconry is] something personal, private, sacred. The unspoken relationship the hawk and I share is clear and honest, a hunting partnership, and my front row seat to the greatest airshow on earth. I get caught up in the vicarious thrill, but still realize that the bird's the star, I'm the earthbound mortal spectator".

    If you are considering becoming a falconer there are several things to consider as from the start falconry is a way of living and not a past time or hobby. Falconry in essence requires commitment, patience, commitment, commitment and again patience!  

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